Mirage Online Classic is a top-rated browser game that provides unparalleled player-developer interaction with consistent updates and community-driven development. With 6 classes, two abilities per class, and the ability to customize elements of your stats, abilities, and idle rewards, it offers the best browser action RPG gameplay around. The game is reminiscent of the early days of the internet with its community-driven experience, similar to IRC chatrooms. Explore thousands of items, monsters, and areas in the game, which is optimized to perform efficiently on any computer. Experience unrivaled performance as you immerse yourself in the world of Mirage Online Classic, a free browser MMO with a vast open world, deep character customization, and exciting PVP and PVE battles. Play now and join the community of players in this immersive and engaging browser-based adventure.

Mirage Online Classic
✔︎ Play on Android, Browser, Steam & PC
✔︎ 15+ Dungeons
✔︎ 6 Primary Professions (Paladin, Mage, Cleric, Assassin, Barbarian & Ranger)
✔︎ Each Profession has unique abilities
✔︎ 500+ different NPCs
✔︎ 500+ different items
✔︎ 14+ skills to train including Cooking, Slaying, Fishing & Gathering
✔︎ Intense skill based PVP gameplay
✔︎ Guild system including alliances & wars
✔︎ Custom guild sprites
✔︎ NO Pay to Win!
✔︎ NO Auto-Play / Macroing!


Mirage Online Classic - Win 64 Bit.zip 89 MB
Mirage Online Classic - Linux 64 Bit.zip 84 MB
Mirage Online Classic - Win 32 Bit.zip 84 MB

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