Major Patch v2007 - NPC vs. NPC, Bug Fixes, Guild Management, NPC Agro & Long/Short/Double Clicks

  • NPCs are now able to attack each other, which opens the possibility for pets.
  • Player attacks are now prioritized over NPC attacks.
  • Guild raiders are no longer safe on bind respawn tiles.
  • Players who are challenged in PvP can no longer enter safe maps.
  • Script functions added to support new NPC features.
  • Map shots no longer pass through closed doors.
  • Guild members can now be demoted when offline.
  • Players under level 20 no longer have a PvP gear drop penalty.
  • NPCs that shoot ranged weapons will now do so when adjacent to their target.
  • Players can no longer accidentally sell equipped items at shops.
  • Recycle items has been renamed to sell items to be more clear.
  • NPC forgetting agro now works as intended again.
  • Clicking tiles/targets now includes click counter and delay to allow more action possibilities.
  • Excessive warping that occurred in PvP and with players with higher latency during map transitions has been resolved.
  • PvP penalty is now limited to one random equipped item or if none then a random droppable item is selected from the player’s inventory.
  • PvP penalty drops are now given directly to the killer with a notification and if not able to be given is dropped on the map.
  • Added script functions for getting map links.
  • Added leaderboards for alter quest and slaying skill.
  • Fix to script error when NPC is killed from a killnpc script.
  • Fixed trading bug
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    Jul 12, 2021
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    Jul 12, 2021
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